Reopening America

Shutting down and then reopening before the virus is under control makes shutting down at all practically pointless. There are still far too many with it and too few tests. Given it grows exponentially all a few weeks of shutdown does is puts a pause on the clock with the end result being the same. The situation is literally all pain no gain.
If you are going to have a giant stimulus package and a one month shutdown only to open up again before the virus can reasonably be expected to be contained you might as well have never shut down to begin with. (And for the shutdown to be ineffective to begin with all it takes is 1/6 to largely ignore it which seems…. likely).

To reopen it isn’t about time, it is about control, if you do like South Korea and roll out lots of testing and selectively quarantine individuals, no major shutdown at all would be needed. But let us remember a scant few months ago there was virtually no Coronavirus in America, now it is #1 in the world.
So long as the following conditions are not me
A. Large scale testing
B. Limited and controlled infections
C. An effective treatment or vaccine
It would mean opening up again would have roughly the same overall consequence on loss of life as doing nothing from the start and just letting it burn through the population(only if you did nothing the “economic costs” to achieve that outcome would have been much less).
Unfortunately the more people ignore quarantine during this time the harder B becomes and the longer timescale it would need to be for that sacrifice to have made a difference. If everyone could have been super careful for a month that could have possibly been enough, but then again, how likely is that in America? Those people protesting by exposing themselves to the virus keep setting the clock back.
Viruses spread exponentially with human contact a temporary dent is just an expensive way of delaying the inevitable.
Long story short: Unless you have the tools to contain the outbreak effectively (with the numbers and testing infrastructure in the US this is still pretty far from the case) opening up is roughly the same as spending several trillion dollars in order to delay the “natural” outcome for a few months.

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