The Last Wilderness I: Hello and Goodbye

And so it was the illustrious race of man found themselves as pets. I was in college at the time. Really you would be amazed at how little of a drama it was. They arrived in advance of their light stream hitting earth. World Governments were caught with their pants down, not that it mattered… Continue reading The Last Wilderness I: Hello and Goodbye

Cafe at the End of the Stars

She was late again, as always, something at least was constant in this universe. The city bustled with a hodgepodge of fashion, each person, saw the city differently and dressed accordingly. Victorian, modern, Hadash, a few even wearing togas. Laith was wearing a pair of comfortable red pants with an exceedingly soft dark blue shirt.… Continue reading Cafe at the End of the Stars

Floyd and Towards a More Useful Definition of Privilege

What I think is the best way of understanding privilege is what you get to overlook in your day to day life that other people don't get to. I remember I used to tell students about taking late night bike rides in Beijing and how freeing that is to experience, biking through a massive empty… Continue reading Floyd and Towards a More Useful Definition of Privilege