The Last Unicorn

There once was a land where the unicorns were.

Freely flying across grasslands and rolling down hills

Drinking from enchanted streams with just the right chill

Sleeping in enchanted forests where nothing was ever killed

Imbuing everything with a little magic even the trees

They protected the innocent and chased out the greedy

And always always were willing to help out those who were needy

The unicorn in particular the one in this story had hair as white as snow

Her horn cast a silvery glow

Her mane was jet black

Her heart honest and pure

She was still a young little one

With no concern but to have so much fun

One day she slept in a mess  of leaves and twigs and rocks

Far away from her parents the exhausted little foal slept

In a glade of cursed enchantments where time just crept

She finally awoke to an acorn hitting her on the head

To her parents she thought and her soft warm bed

But out of the glade the forest she saw

Looked nothing like the forest she knew, nothing at all

She scampered and scanned  it was all such a fright

But there was nothing and nowhere and soon it was night

She crawled into a tree hollow and stayed there till it was light

 She galloped to the grassland

But there what she found were just a bunch of horses hanging around

Hey you horses she asked where did they go?

Where are the unicorns with their horns that glow

Horns don’t glow they said with a sniff

But if it is unicorns you want then you’ll need to climb up that cliff

And so the cliff she climbed and climbed

Past boulders and shrubs and five sets of vines

There she was on the tip toppiest of that

But she didn’t see any unicorns

Just horses with horn hats

She asked them

Where are they! Where did the unicorns go!

They replied they were there right before her eyes didn’t she know?

She could be one to, for the right price, perhaps she could start by getting them some ice

A unicorn horn can only be seen by those who believe

They mistook her for a horse

And wanted to see a real unicorn with a fake horn

I was born a unicorn

Your fake horn I do scorn

Now I shall leave

She shouted and turned

Go then but without one of our horned hats you’ll never be a unicorn that is just a fact they laughed and snickered, snickered and laughed

She ran back to the forest, now alien and cold and hoped that it was all just a big bad dream being had by  a little foal

She found some leaves and curled up and wept

But then a soft voice came to her under the leaves in which she crept

Are you okay? The soft voice spoke

But the little unicorn just hid under the leaves

Why are you crying? How can I help?

The little unicorn lifted her head out of the pile eyes still wet

Aww you are a little horse just like me!

But I am a unicorn why can’t they see

“It’s okay to be sad okay to feel bad but if you want to play you can come this way”

She didn’t feel like playing she just wanted to cry but the dear little unicorn decided to lie

I’m okay, sure let’s play!

They played and frolicked and frolicked and played

They went back to dinner and in warm beds they lay

But the little unicorn, just couldn’t sleep, she tossed and turned and counted sheep

What’s the matter the little brown horse asked

It’s about the unicorns 

I know, they think they are better just because they have horns

But they’re not unicorns at all!  She cried, I am the last!

But then where’s your horn?

She knew it was there but no one could see it so no one cared

The little horse brought her to school the next day

The  little horse was pushed by one in a horned hat

“Horses are stupid everyone knows that!”

The little unicorn saw her friend say

Don’t worry it’s just how things are, we can’t change it anyway

But the little unicorn could not accept such a sight

And so she stood up for her new friend with all her might

The hatted horses tried to knock her aside, but she was strong a fact she wouldn’t hide

Then a miracle happened, there in the eyes of the little brown horse, a horn was formed

It was the first time she realized, she saw a real horn that before her was a true unicorn,

 She felt the warm glow that came with the feeling of knowing that unicorns are really real seeing was believing

She stood up and she said

 You guys are fakes, the only unicorn here is my friend you all are just snakes!

Then a magical thing happened to tell you true, her own horn appeared and it was bright blue

The little unicorn realized what had happened to her people

They had just forgotten who they were thinking themselves just sheeple

So now she knew what she was there to do, to wake up the people with kindness and strength

To show them the difference between real and fake

As she went on to carry out this task

She made so many friends she no longer needed to unmask

The fake unicorns who just had horns glued to their hats

They blushed and puffed, they couldn’t see real horns so they must not be the right stuff

But even for them, a couple of them grew horns on their heads and it felt silly to have two

Her message received it filled her with glee, but at the end of the day she still missed her family

One day she played and took a nap, in a glade with a cursed enchantment and it took her right back

She missed her new friends, but couldn’t be sad, for after all she was all just too glad

That the future would have unicorns not just horses with hats.

And because of the efforts of this brave unicorn girl, the world still has unicorns and will have them evermore.

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