The Little Red Dragon

There was once a little red dragon with a little spiky black tail

He was born with a belly full of fire that could melt a steel rail

Everywhere he went it was hard not to feel

That what was really lacking were a few things on fire

Melted, charred, maybe a small pyre

But the villagers they didn’t seem to agree

They shunned the poor little red dragon

But he thought “Hey it’s just me being me!”

So he sat in his room and he sulked and he pouted

Why is the world so unfair! he shouted

If there is no use for fire he’d rather not bother

With the all the things he should do, he even ignored his dear father

But then one day there came bandits from afar

Their leader clad in leather on his face a big scar

Wielding all sorts of giggits wigets and womps

They held their weapons and then they demanded

We want half of this town! It’s time we expanded!

The villagers with only their mops and their socks

Felt defenseless against them and were even going to give up their ox

Their ox and some land and some blocks and some grain, anything that would help them avoid any pain

But then one of them thought about the dragon they scolded

And with haste sent a messenger before the bandits felt emboldened

The little dragon said no way, not today

 I am far too busy being deep in dismay

But the villager pleaded

You are the thing! The only thing that is needed!

with a huff of black smoke he agreed to come out

and then he chased the bandits all about

until they dropped their giggits wigets and womps

until they ran far from him into a swamp

then the villagers all crowded around and cheered

praising the little red dragon for all he had done

they threw him a parade for he had really won!

Then the dragon knew fire wasn’t what the villagers hated

It was the melted cups, charred furniture, and their other possessions being cremated

So then it was that he learned for true

Strength is important but it shouldn’t be used just for you

But for those around you for whom love and care

Those around you who don’t want singed hair!

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